The Reel RevolutionTM

Work on your entire package — brand, media, and strategy — for maximum impact fast. Ideal for actors returning from a hiatus or finishing school. Includes free headshots and personalized agent strategy to ensure a seamless, powerful career launch or relaunch.

Weekly mentorship Sessions
Fully created Demo Reel
Resume & Profiles optimization
Pitching to agents
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all-inclusive approach
A Targeted Approach

Individual Custom Scenes

Highlight your strengths and brand with our Individual Custom Scenes service. Get tailored scripts, professional production, and a pitch to agents and managers—perfect for actors ready to be introduced to our network.

Original Scripts (written by you or by us)
In-Studio Filming
90 Seconds Final Run Time Per Scene
Bonus: Digital Agent Showcase
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The Talent Gym

Experience a professional shoot with our service. Choose a script, select a shoot date, and optionally purchase your footage. Perfect for actors seeking hands-on experience and high-quality scenes for their reels.

Pick A Time Slot
Cast Your Friend
Experience In-Studio Filming
Purchase Footage After filming
Limited Availability. By Referral only.
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an Affordable Immersion
No matter what you purchase, you get pitched to agents and managers.
(Talent Gym excluded)