Only 10%

of actors have Reps

meaning more than 90% typically do not.

Number of clients who have secured representation after working with Reelarc.

1080 out of 4000
Based on data from IMDbPro
27% compared to 10% industry standard. Reelarc clients are nearly 3X times more likely to secure representation compared to the industry average.

Dalma Daniela, now managed by Catherine Charmichael Talent Agency shares how the Reelarc Revolution Program took her from risk, to reward!

Less than 2% 
of actors book paid work

through acting yearly.

Estimated number of Reelarc clients attached to projects or credited in productions a year

57% compared to 2% industry average. Reelarc clients are 28X times more likely to be attached to projects or credited in productions than the industry average.
Based on data from IMDbPro
Total guest star
Average pay for a guest star role on TV: $5,000 - $10,000 per episode
Total Co-star
Average pay for a co-star role on TV: $1,000 - $3,000 per episode
months to Success
On average, actors see significant uptick in auditions and callbacks within 3 months of receiving their demo reels.
Salary and Pay information from:  & SAG-AFTRA
Together, Reelarc clients make an average of
each year in paid acting gigs.
“Reelarc has opened a lot of casting doors for me because of simply having an amazing Actor Demo Reel ready to show”
— Marsha Goolcharan

Higher ROI & Increased Earnings with Reelarc

Actors using Reelarc's services see a significantly higher ROI

(358.33%) compared to the industry average (-90.83%).

Reelarc's actors have the potential to earn significantly more from bookings compared to the industry average, around $11,000 additional income per year from acting alone.

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Image captured on a Real set at Reelarc Studios

Comparative Analysis


Actors using Reelarc's services have a 30% higher success rate in securing auditions compared to those who do not.


On average, actors with Reelarc demo reels are twice as likely to land representation within six months.

Reel Revolution Client Kendall Slocum landed a theatrical agent and 3 roles: Law and order, FBI, and Blue bloods in one year!

Reelarc is dedicated to helping actors achieve their career goals through high-quality demo reels and scenes. Our proven track record of success demonstrates the significant impact of our services in transforming actor careers.

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