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What we’ll cover in this video:
The purpose of this call
Why you need this call.
What you’ll get out of this call
What you’ll experience in this call
What will change the moment you’re done

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“How a demo reel helped me collapse my timeline from years to weeks.”
Amber Pickens (WU TANg: AMERICAN SAGA)
“Quality demo reel & Representation are the Key to Consistent Auditions.”
“Investing in a demo reel over self tapes is crucial for career growth.”
Asha Etchinson (East New york, FBI)
“The Importance of a demo reel for Actors Access & Casting prioritization.”
Matthew Cipphagliah (FBI, POWER BOOK OF KANAN)
“It’s a struggle to get the right footage from student short films. Even my own...”
With Sarah Allyn ( The Rehearsal on HBO)

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