Demo Reel Services in New York


When you work with REELARC, you’re the star of the scene. We proudly offer professional demo reel services in New York that will get your face in front of talent scouts and casting agents. Our team works with actors in all stages of their careers to create movie-quality scenes you can then send out to agents and other decision makers. So while others are struggling to get their first camera time, you’ll be on your way to your dream career.  

When you choose REELARC to help put your skills to film, you’ll work with only the best. Our process starts with a brainstorming session where we get a better idea of the scene and performance you have in mind. After this creative kickoff, our writers get to work drafting a script, where you’ll have between 70-80 percent of the dialogue. We’ll also begin work casting the other talent for the scene at no cost to you. On the day of the shoot, you’ll spend approximately two hours filming on the set with footage to review with 24 hours. Once complete, our editors get to work piecing together your scene with score and dialogue mixing and making any necessary color corrections.  

There are a variety of reasons why so many aspiring actors choose REELARC. One of the most significant is our location. As a demo reel service in New York, there are many shooting location options that aren’t available elsewhere. While we primarily shoot on our sound stage, we also offer the option to shoot outdoors. Another reason so many choose us is the quality of our work. We only partner with experienced professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care and the attention you deserve.  

When you’re ready to turn your dreams into a reality, REELARC can help get you there. Our demo reel services in New York can put you on the pathway to the career in entertainment you’ve always wanted. For more information or to book a free consultation, give us a call today at (917) 722-0241.