Demo Reel Services in Los Angeles


There’s no question that starting a career in front of the camera is a difficult thing to do. If you don’t have clips, many casting agents and talent scouts won’t give you the time of day, but you can’t get time in front of the camera without them. So where can you turn when you can’t get your foot in the door? The answer is REELARC, the leading demo reel service in Los Angeles.  

At REELARC we help aspiring actors showcase their skills in a way that maximizes their strengths. What really sets our demo reel services in Los Angeles apart from the rest is our use of professional staff to make your scene as professional and flattering as possible. We start with a brainstorming session where we get together with you to discuss what you’d like to see and how you envision the scene going. The project then goes to our team of screenwriters, who will create a custom script, which you’ll receive in advance to give you time to make revisions and rehearse. On the day of the shoot, you’ll spend about two hours on set, filming your scene, after which you can expect to receive footage in about 24 hours. Then, our team of editors will clean up the film, making any necessary color adjustments or audio dubs. 

When it comes to our clients, we take an individual approach, offering you the time and attention you deserve. We offer a huge selection of stages for shooting:  

  • Interview/Interrogation Room 

  • Apartment/House 

  • Upscale Legal/Political Office 

  • Office Cubicle 

  • Bar/Lounge 

  • Abandoned Warehouse 

  • Tech Hub/Hacker Lair 

  • Hospital Hallway/Waiting Room 

  • Emergency Room 

  • Police Station 

  • Backstage of Political Rally 

  • Green Room 

  • Psychologist’s Office 

  • Prison Cell 

When you’re ready to take the next step in your acting career, the professionals at REELARC are here. Your custom scene makes you the start attraction because you’ll have between 70-80 percent of the dialogue. For more information on how our demo reel services in Los Angeles can help advance your career, give us a call today at (917) 722-0241 to schedule your free consultation.