Frequently asked questions


What does REELARC do vs not do?

REELARC is a "Scene Creation" production company. We decided very early on that our purpose is to create the highest quality scenes that get you noticed in the industry. This means we keep our scenes as quick and specific as possible and stay away from longer form content. After our years of working with agents, managers, and casting directors and associates, we’ve found that short, quick, specific, and dazzling scenes are the most effective way to impress industry professionals.

Who is REELARC for?

REELARC is for any Actor that is looking to update their demo reels/marketing materials. We produce industry standard footage for any artist at any stage of their career.

What does REELARC cost?

The cost for a REELARC scene varies depending on how many scenes are purchased, and the type of scene you purchase. However, Our scenes begin at $1,200. The difference with REELARC is that there are never hidden costs! We take care of absolutely everything from script to casting to locations. Feel free to reach out and inquire about any promotions or deals we have at the time of your purchase.

Where is REELARC located?

REELARC shoots both in New York City and Los Angeles, in our fabulous sound stages.
(Picture below: REELARC Navy Yard Studios Brooklyn, NY - Apartment Set)
REELARC Brooklyn Apartment Set

How do I get started?

You can get started by either booking a consultation with one of Producers here. Or, clicking the buy now link on our website. Need to email us? We'd love to hear from you

How long are REELARC scenes?

REELARC Scenes are 1 page in dialogue (with the option of extending) which equates to on average 1min 30sec of footage.

What is a Signature Scene?

A Signature scene is our standard REELARC Scene. With this package you will have 70-80% of the dialogue, alongside one other supporting talent.

What happens after I purchase my scene(s)?

Once you have purchased your REELARC Scene, you will be prompted to schedule your Creative Kickoff where we will discuss your scene idea(s).

How long does it take to get my finished scene(s)?

On average our process is around 30 Days. However scheduling, and the time it takes to receive your feedback may delay the process slightly.

Can I film a scene remotely?

All scenes must be filmed at our state of the art sound stages in either Los Angeles, or New York City.

Can REELARC produce my short film, feature film, commercial, etc?

We typically shy away from this type of work because our mission is to help as many actors produce reel-centric material that can help them get to work as soon as possible. However, we're always happy to hear about your project and if we can help - we will! Please inquire more information on pricing by booking a consultation with one of our Producers.

Do I really need to invest in footage, aren't headshots enough?

Headshots are a great start. Your headshots are a snapshot of what you look like and your essence, but film is moving pictures. Industry folks need to both see and hear you to get to know you as a whole person!

What kind of footage should be on my reel?

Footage that shows the types of roles you could be playing right now in the TV/Film space. Play to your strengths, and include some variety of comedy and drama if you want to do both.

Should I have a reel or individual clips?

Both! It’s generally best to have a reel to pitch yourself to representation and to showcase on your website. Clips are great for adding to casting websites like Moodcaster or Actors Access when you’re submitting for specific roles you only submit clips that are appropriate for the character.

I already have a reel, so why am I not booking jobs?

Are you the star of your reel? If not, perhaps the footage you have isn’t showcasing who you are and what you can do. You need footage that is high quality that is truly suited to your type and roles you could be playing right now.


Updated Guidelines

  • REELARC is making sure to follow CDC and New York Guidelines when it comes to COVID precautions. A negative COVID test, or proof of vaccination is now required at least 3 days before your scheduled shoot day. You will be asked to upload these statements a day before your shoot. For those coming out of state, make sure to adhere by New York State’s travel guidelines and restrictions.
  • REELARC requires a negative COVID test at least 3 days before your scheduled shoot day. Temperature checks will be taken as you enter the studio.
  • All of our studio staff are Vaccinated without exception.
  • Our Studio is divided into zones where masks are required, and where you are allowed to take your mask off. Our crew will make sure to wear PPE during your time on set to facilitate a sanitary work environment.
  • Masks are required up until the point that cameras are rolling to ensure everyone is safe. If you are not on set you should be wearing your PPE.
  • Closed Set Policy
  • REELARC follows a closed-set policy. No guests are permitted on your shoot day. Only essential crew and supporting talent will be allowed on set.


Does REELARC offer payment plans?

Yes, REELARC is partnered with Affirm. You may apply with a soft credit check to see if you qualify. Payment terms vary depending on both your application and the amount of your purchase total. We also offer alternative payment plans directly through REELARC (additional financing fees may apply).

Do I have to pay interest or additional fees with a payment plan?

Interest rates with Affirm vary depending on the payment plan chosen, your order total, and the results of your soft credit check. Feel free to reach out to one of our producers for more information on payment plans through Affirm, or alternative financing options.

How do I update my payment information?

If you need to change your payment method on file, please reach out to one of our producers. They’d be happy to switch the payment method for you.

What happens if I can’t pay on time?

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes, and we’ll do our best to help as much as we can. If your payment plan is through Affirm, please contact Affirm customer service here. If you are using one of our alternative financing options, please contact us at

Can I still get my finished scene if I haven’t finished all of my payments?

Final footage will be distributed depending on which payment plan is used. If you are using our in-house payment option, the final balance must be paid off in order to receive your final footage. If you are paying through affirm, your final footage will be sent as soon as you are complete. However, payments still need to be submitted through affirm.

What if I change my mind, and I'd like to cancel my project?

In the event you change your mind, you may request a refund from your Production Coordinator. Refunds vary depending on how much of your REELARC production has been completed. For more information reach out to your Production Coordinator.

What if I’m not happy with my scene(s)?

In the event you are not happy with your scene, we will work together at figuring out why, and work on rectifying the issue on a case by case basis. REELARC does however reserve the right to refuse reshoots. please see our policy about reshoots.


Is REELARC an educational institution?

REELARC is, at its core, a demo reel production company. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, providing actors with our hard-earned insight is our main goal and purpose.

What kinds of schools and programs does REELARC partner with?

We can tailor our service to your needs. Our instructors have taught at or worked with Maggie Flanagan Studios, HB Studios, T. Schreiber, Brooklyn College, Atlantic Theatre Company and more. We can fit into any program.

Will REELARC be associated with my program, or can it be whitelabeled?

We’re happy to serve your students in whatever capacity you see fit. If you want us to teach, we can do that, if you just want us to shoot scenes for your students so they’re ready to submit for work right after leaving your program, that works as well.

Do you work with minors?

Yes, we have a lot of experience both teaching and working with minors.



What is a Creative Kickoff?

A Creative Kickoff is a meeting where we will discuss and brainstorm what your scene(s) will be about. This is also a time where we can discuss production logistics and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Who will be at my Creative Kickoff?

During your Creative Kickoff, you will meet with your producers and your screenwriter.

What if I already have an idea for my scene?

We would love to hear any and all ideas you may have for your scene. We will then go over the logistics behind making your vision come to life.

Can I do a scene from my favorite film?

Unfortunately due to copyright laws, we can not pull scenes directly from anything that has already been produced however we can create something with a similar storyline.

Can REELARC produce a project I wrote myself? Do I get a discount?

We are able to produce something you have written yourself however you will not receive a discount. Your self written script still needs to go through an approval process to make sure it fits within our parameters.

How long will my script be?

Your script will be 1 page in dialogue which will run about 1min 30sec long.

Can I have a longer/shorter script?

You do have the opportunity to extend your script another ½ page for an additional price.

How long does it take to get my script?

You will receive your script 5-7 days after your Creative Kickoff.

Can I make changes to my script?

Of course! You do get one round of revisions where we can make any changes you would like.

Who should I contact with questions about my script?

You may communicate all questions you have to your Production Coordinator.


When can I shoot my scene?

Scheduling your shoot happens once your script is approved. At that point you will get to choose between all of our available shoot dates and times.

How do I schedule my shoot?

Once we have a finalized script, you will receive a link to schedule your shoot online.

Can I change my shoot date after I book?


Is there a fee to reschedule or cancel my shoot?

You can reschedule or cancel your shoot for free if it is done 7 business days or more prior to your shoot date. After that, there are various rescheduling/cancellation fees depending on proximity to your shoot date.


Where does REELARC shoot?

REELARC shoots in our fabulous sound stages in either New York City or Los Angeles.

What sets/stages are available in REELARC studios?

Our sets are interchangeable, but include:

  • Interview/Interrogation Room
  • Apartment/House
  • Upscale Legal/Political Office
  • Office Cubicle
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Abandoned Warehouse
  • Tech Hub/Hacker Lair
  • Hospital Hallway/Waiting Room
  • Ambulance Loading Area
  • Lieutenant/Police Office
  • Backstage of Political Rally
  • Green Room
  • Psychologist Office
  • Prison Cell

I want to shoot a scene on a boat in the middle of the ocean -- can you do that?

Yes, however all shoots outside of our sound studio will have additional location and production fees

Can I shoot a scene outside?

Yes, however all shoots outside of our sound studio will have additional location and production fees

Can you shoot a walk n’ talk?

Given the time we have on set, we are not able to do a walk n’ talk.


Does REELARC cast the other actor?

Yes! Once your scene is booked, it will go through the casting process.

What if I want to cast my friend in my scene?

You are more than welcome to cast the scene yourself. Just let us know when you book your scene so it does not go through the regular casting process.

Can I see the other actors’ auditions?

No but we can notify you as soon as your scene has been cast so you can get in touch with your scene partner.

How do I audition to be in a REELARC scene?

We cast our scenes through the app, Moodcaster. On the app you will see the sides and be able to upload your video submissions.


When should I get to set, Is it ok to be early?

You can absolutely come early if you need to, however in New York due to limited space you will be greeted and ushered inside the studio at your exact call time. We have a kitchenette area outside of the studio where you can wait.

I'm traveling out of state, any lodging recommendations?

Our studios are located in the brooklyn navy yard in New York, and in Glandale CA. There are many airbnb options.

Should I rehearse with my scene partner ahead of time?

Upon request, and if schedule permits. The team can get you in touch with your scene partner, however this is not a requirement we ask of our Supporting talent.

Do you provide a make-up artist?

We do not provide make-up at this time, but can make a reccomendation for one if needed.

Do you provide wardrobe?

For particular items, such as police uniforms, Jail getups etc’ YES, however we do urge our clients to provide this on their own during covid.

Do you provide props?

Within reason.

Who will be at my shoot?

Our crew consists of A director, A cinematographer, and a sound person. The studio is supervised by a studio manager as well who may or may not be on set at the time of your shoot.

What cameras do you use?

We are proud to work with Sony Cinema Cameras. With out flagship camera being the Sony FX9

How many takes do I get?

As many as you need within the allotted time! But remember, more doesn’t always mean better. We’re always striving for quality over quantity. For reference, we typically shoot 3-4 takes per camera set-up.

How much time do I get on set?

Each scene takes about 2 hours on set. This includes lighting and rehearsal time as well.

Can I bring my acting coach?

Yes, please discuss this with pre-production to coordinate. COVID May affect this.

Can my friend or family member watch?

If you are a minor, you must be accompanied by an adult, otherwise we do not allow friends and/or family to watch the filming process. We may permit this on a case-by-case basis.

Can I watch playback after every take?

Absolutely! Just ask our team on set. Just as a word of warning, this could eat into your time. However, we’ll work with your process.

Do I have to listen to the director on set?

For any safety requirements yes, however if you rehearsed your scene a certain way and just want the director to be there as a feedback board that’s totally cool! If you want more direction, just ask!

Can I approve the lighting on set?

Unless you understand cinematography and cinematic lighting expertly, we recommend giving our team carte blanche with this :)

Can I provide my own blocking on set?

If you see your scene blocked a certain way, just make sure to inform pre-production ahead of your shooting day to make sure we can accommodate your ideas.

What happens if I want to reshoot my scene?

REELARC reserves the right to re-shoot ONLY in cases of shoot cancellation and technical difficulties such as but not limited to: sound capturing malfunction, Lighting malfunction, Recording malfunction.

Can REELARC provide a photographer to take photos during my shoot?

Yes, you will be able to book a photographer when you book your shooting day! How much does it cost? $140 - we also have the option of shooting a short making-of featurette and a social media package. Ask us if you’re interested! How do I book/sign up? At the same time when you book your shoot, you will be asked if you’d like to add a photographer to your shoot.

Can I bring my own photographer to take photos during my shoot?

Yes, however during COVID we request that the photographer provided by the client submits a negative test result from covid 24hrs before coming to set.

I felt uncomfortable during an interaction with a member of the REELARC team. What should I do?

It’s the same for everyone on a REELARC set. We have zero tolerance for anyone pushing past your boundaries.

I felt uncomfortable during an interaction with another REELARC actor. What do I do?

Please let us know. In our scenes, we may deal with uncomfortable subject matter. This is not, however, an excuse for someone making you uncomfortable. We have zero tolerance for that.


When will I get to see my footage?

The following day after your shoot you will receive all of your takes with timecode to review!

Can I edit my own scene?

Yes, However, you will need to provide an Adobe Premiere Pro project file when you send it back to us for finalizing, so we can finish with sound design and color correction. REELARC will not accept project files from iMOVIE, or Final Cut. Only Adobe Premiere Pro. Should you want the raw files immediately after the shoot so you can do everything yourself please bring a harddrive on the day of your shoot.

Can I request revisions to my edit?

Yes, you will be abke to give us revision notes twice.

Can I get multiple final versions of my scene?

No. You will need to choose your favorite version to finalize.

How long is the turnaround time for my scene?

Depending on how quickly you give us your feedback you can expect a 7-10 day turnaround for your final scene.

Do you provide color correction on your scenes?

Absolutely. We color correct all of our scenes on Davinci Resolve 17. (Or higher)

Can REELARC smoothen my skin?

To a point. We use Magic bullet “Cosmo” to smoothen skin as much as the tech can allow us.

Can REELARC incorporate special effects?

Not at this time.

Can I use this really cool song I love in my scene?

Not at this time. Unless the rights are cleared.

Why do you send my scenes to my co-star?

To ensure we get a variety of actors to play alongside our clients at no cost to our clients we offer the finalized scene as their form of compensation.

Is it possible NOT to send my scene to my co-star?

Yes, however you will need to pay additional fees to secure the talent if you don’t want them to receive the footage.

I don’t like how the scene turned out, can we re-shoot?

REELARC reserves the right to re-shoot ONLY in cases of shoot cancellation and technical difficulties such as but not limited to: Sound capturing malfunction, Lighting malfunction, Recording malfunction.

Can I get the RAW footage from my scene?

Absolutely. Just ask for it at the end of your process and we will transfer it to you digitally.

Can I get different file sizes of my final scene?

We upload a UHD 4k Final of your scene to vimeo which will allow you then to download your scene in multiple resolutions. Starting in Standard definition, to HD and ULTRA HD

How do I upload my scene to my website, Actors Access, Backstage, IMDb, etc?

There are many youtube tutorials on how to do this, however REELARC doesn’t advise on this process at this time.

Can REELARC edit my scenes into a demo reel?

You bet! We do Edit demo reels that incorporate REELARC scenes, however we don’t offer Demo Reel editing to individuals who would like to re edit footage they acquired elsewhere.


I have my REELARC scene, now what?

Take that beautiful scene and upload it to your casting profiles. On Casting Networks, Actors Access, Backstage Etc. Share it with your friends and colleagues and use it to attract management and representation.

Do you help me get auditions?

No, we do not. REELARC is a production company that helps actors produce video materials for their demo reels.

Can REELARC submit my footage to agents, managers, casting directors, etc for me?

We cannot guarantee any type of submission or employment as a result of your working with us.

Do you host my scene on your site?

No, we do not. We feature some of our scenes on our Youtube channel, but Otherwise all of our videos are hidden from the public.

Can you edit my scene into my existing demo reel?

Absolutely! Reach out for pricing.

How long after my process is finished do you keep my raw footage?

We reserve the right to delete your footage 60 days after we finalized your scene.

How long after my process is finished do you keep my SCENE?

Your scene is kept in our archives for 1 year only.

Can you help me with my website?

Unfotunately we don't help with web design.

Should I credit REELARC on IMDb?

The short answer is no... BUT feel free to credit yourself as a producer of a short that you brought to life. We're just here to support your vision behind the scenes.

Does REELARC post my scenes on IMDb?

Not at this time.

How often should I be adding new footage to my reel?

Similar to a headshot, as your look changes you will want to have new footage that shows how you look right now!

How do I get an agent?

To get an agent you need to do outreach, research, and make connections. We recommend getting a strong package together (headshot, resume, and reel) and do targeted outreach to agents and/or managers. Start taking seminars at Actors Launchpad and meet folks that look interesting to you.

Does casting really see actors with footage attached to their profiles first?

Yes! Through the Moodcaster app, we take submissions for all of our scenes. The one caveat; we often bring back previous clients to act as supporting talent in our current client’s scenes.