Movie Quality Actor Demo Reel Services


No matter how talented somebody is, breaking into the acting business is never easy. One of the biggest challenges facing aspiring performers is how to capture footage of their performances. But for many, this creates a catch-22. It’s nearly impossible to get cast without a demo reel, but you can’t create one until you’ve been cast. That’s where REELARC can help. Our team offers professional actor demo reel services that can help get your face in front of casting directors.  

What makes our work stand out from the pretenders are the industry professionals we partner with. We are a full-service shop that specializes in actor demo reel services. When you work with REELARC, you get the complete experience. You’ll work with true professionals who have actual experience in the entertainment industry, including directors, writers, camera operators, and editors. We’ll also cast experienced actors to help bring your scene to life. After filming your scene, our editors can help with problems such as color correction and skin smoothing. In short, we will do everything in our power to make you look your best in the scene. 

The best part about working with REELARC is that we handle everything. After our creative kickoff meeting, we get to work writing your scene and casting all the supporting talent. You’ll receive an advanced copy of the script, with your lines accounting for roughly 70-80 percent of the dialogue. After filming wraps, our team of world-class editors gets to work cleaning up and shaping your scene.  

If you are serious about finding work as a professional actor, you owe it to yourself to work with the best. We design our actor demo reel services to turn you into the star you were born to be. For more information on our services or to book a free consultation, call us at (917) 722-0241 today.