Become a REELARC Costar

Use this page to submit for costar roles in original REELARC scenes created for your fellow actors. When you costar in a REELARC scene, you'll receive final copy of the scene completely FREE!
If it's your first time submitting, CLICK HERE to create your profile.

Tips for using the REELARC Casting Board

  • To open the board in a separate window, click here.

  • To see all details for a posting and to view/download sides, click the posting to expand it.

  • To filter or sort postings by production location, gender, age range, ethnicity, etc, click the "filter" or "sort" buttons in the upper left hand corner and select your desired parameters (feature not available on mobile).

  • To search for a specific role or scene, use the "search" icon in the upper right hand corner (feature not available on mobile).

  • To submit for a role, click the red "SUBMIT FOR THIS ROLE" button on the posting. 

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