The Young Actors' Weekend Film Experience

NEXT SESSION: November 10th - 12th 2018

What do Blue Bloods, Law & Order, and NCIS all have in common?

Besides being some of TV's best crime dramas, they are usually the entry ticket to many starting actors cast in co-star roles

In this 3-day intensive learn film and TV essentials from the industry's top acting coach DENISE SIMON and REELARC, the premier company for demo reel creation in NYC, and receive a 1-2 minute cinematic-quality scene for your demo reel in the TV crime genre

Students will receive:

  • 2 days in class + shooting date

  • 1-2 min. cinematic quality scene written by professional writers

  • Preparation and coaching from table read to on-set shooting

  • Training in developing a memorable character

  • On-set etiquette for actors and young film-makers

  • Knowledge of camera lenses and angles

  • A unique insight into how directors think

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People keep asking me, “What is that from?” They think the scene is from some longer fancy independent film project... and I don’t really have the heart to tell them that it’s not!
— Olivia Killingsworth - Client