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Question about your package?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401

Tom Lapke isPoint of contact for this stage of the process

Included with your package: 

Two scenes that are each up to 1:30 in length.

Custom scripts

Sound design

Color correction

Score (as needed)



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Question about your scripts or Pre-Production?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2

Question about your shoots or Production?
Steven Schmidt
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Xander is fashion photographer meeting with a journalist that is writing an article about him for a Vanity Fair type magazine. She intends on trying to play "gotcha" on some of his more famously salacious exploits but instead finds him to be cocksure and unapologetic. He doesn't flinch. She does not know whether to admire him or despise him for it.
Think Neon Demon.


Xander is the friend of an Italian diplomat/party boy. He was with him when the diplomat assaulted a woman and is now being interrogated by the police. He is used to having the diplomat's privileges extended to him, but he is now realizing that while his friend has immunity, he is going to go to jail if he does not start cooperating. 
Think: Law and Order SVU



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2