What they're saying

My experiences at ReelArc have been topnotch. Put it this way, it’s hard to find good people in The Big Apple. Contrary to that, I’ve found nothing but good people at ReelArc. Some of the best people in all my travels in my nearly 16 years here are people I’ve worked with at ReelArc. The experience, if nothing else, has been worth it.
— Jon R.
If all shoots could go this way, I might actually be auditioning more! REELARC has created a great service where the actor feels safe and wants to repeat the experience. The result speaks for itself.
— Olivier R.
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Shortly after shooting with REELARC I submitted my footage to a few agencies who began calling me in for meetings and now I am fully represented across the board. Guy and Steven made the process super easy and gave me material that I felt confident would be taken seriously and showcase me in the best most professional light.
— Alex Manuel - Client
As a talent manager, it is important to package your clients the best way possible when presenting them to agents and casting directors. Guy and Steven’s scripts and filming techniques are outstanding. Not only are they talented but professional and friendly towards all of their clients. They have helped my actors be competitive and recognized in the entertainment industry.
— Deborah Dotoli Owner AAG Talent
I love REELARC! Our scene was beautifully written the cinematography was gorgeous and the sound was perfect! A professional quality reel that has already garnered praise from casting directors!
— Anne Yeomans - Client
I love Reelarc and highly recommend working with this incredibly talented team. The quality of their product is unmatched; but the reason I enjoyed REELARC the most was because of their personal touch. When I met with Steven he quickly came up with clear, exciting scene ideas that fit me and the direction of my career. I was very impressed with the scripts and felt that they gave me quite a bit of range. Next, I was connected with talented scene partners who were kind enough to rehearse with me prior to the shoot. When it came time to shoot Guy was a rock star, he gave me excellent direction, encouragement and support. It felt like the whole experience was tailor made and everyone wanted to see me succeed, this is what truly sets REELARC apart from the competition!
— Lisa Miranda - Client
...Steven and Guy are both efficient, safe and encouraging. Upon receiving my clips, my agent was so excited to see the real me, doing a scene that is authentic to who I am as an actor and a person, while also being GREAT quality...
I’m so encouraged to finally go into a Pilot season with media both my agent and I are proud to share. Can’t recommend them enough!
— Jessica Carmen - ReelWork Student
REELARC is the real deal! REALLY! And what’s more, my agent is thrilled.
— Carole DellAquila - Client
I’m very happy with my reel. I’ve been getting very positive feedback from CDs saying that it’s a great showcase of my skills as an actor. Both my agent and manager love it as well. I highly recommend REELARC!
— Sue Caro - Client
My experience with REELARC was phenomenal. From beginning to end the level of professionalism was superb. You can see from what they produce that the high level of production quality is unmatched but you also need to know how invested this company is in you and your end product. They are incredibly thorough, they listen to you, and they take great care in the collaboration of creating scenes that are going to showcase you and your type. Simply put—they are your team.
— Dante Costabille- Client
People keep asking me, “What is that from?” They think the scene is from some longer fancy independent film project... and I don’t really have the heart to tell them that it’s not!
— Olivia Killingsworth
Steven and Guy’s class at the T. Schreiber Studio is a great opportunity for anyone looking to develop the beginnings of their reel. Not only that, but they teach you how to be professional on set and how to feel at ease acting on camera. They are two incredibly giving and multi-talented artists and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to work with them
— Joe Lalumia - Reel Work Student
REELARC nailed my “type” and taught me something about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t realize how clear my vulnerability and emotionality was to others and they helped me realize that which is huge for any actor to know their type
— Ben Brown - Reel Work Student
Working with REELARC was a blast. The team is more than professional. They not only read what would be your best fit but they also take the time to know you as a person. They made me feel more than comfortable working with them, lovely human beings and excellent at their job
— Agustina Berenguer - Client