What is scene production?

Scene production is a new and exciting way to get video content tailored to you and on your demo reel.  REELARC is one of the first companies in the U.S who saw the need for this type of production and has, since opening our doors just over two years ago, produced over 300 original scenes!

Why Do I need REElarc?

Have you ever found yourself committing to a student film, an independent production, or even a role on a series to never see a frame of your footage? All of your hard work buried in a hard drive somewhere, never to see the light of day? That's where we come in. Your scene with REELARC will be ready for submitting within 1 month of starting the process. Do these jobs for experience, sure, but come to us when you need footage that represents who you are and the career you want to have when you want to have it!

Who provides the script? 

WE DO!  We pride ourselves for being one of the only companies out there that writes your scene from scratch. Scenes are tailored to your "signal" and ultimate goals for your career. We never recycle material and never shoot the same scene twice. All of our scenes are customized to the individual!


Can i write my own scene? 

Although we totally support your writings, in order for us to control the process and make sure that you get the product you deserve we only shoot material written by our trusted team of writers. 

how many re-writes do i get? 

You will have the chance to give us one round of notes on your scene. 

What about a scene partner? 

Unless there is an actor that you know whom you want to work with, we task ourselves with finding your scene partner/s. * A little fun fact, we only cast past clients in new scenes as a way of giving back.  

Do you provide Hair & Make-up?  

At this time we do not. Ladies, a simple application of make-up is enough. Gentlemen, no make up is necessary unless your skin is a bit problematic in which case a simple application will suffice. 

WHat does a typical shoot look like?  

Once you approve the final draft of your script/s we schedule your shoot. we typically film our scenes in the first 2 weeks of every month. Each scene takes approximately 2.5-3hrs to shoot. All you have to do is show up prepared with your lines, wardrobe, and any props you may need. We take care of Location, Lights, Camera and Crew. 

how long does it take for me to get the scene after it's shot? 

Turn around time varies, but does not exceed 3.5 weeks. You will get one opportunity to give us your notes on the rough cut at which point we will make the final edit and output the finalized scene to you via WeTransfer. If you would like to receive all of of your footage at the end of the process, you will need to provide us with a hard drive for the transfer. We store your footage for 3 months.

how does payment work? 

We offer 4 different methods of payment: Full Payment, 4 equal bi-weekly payments, 3 & 6 months financing for those who qualify. Whatever your situation may be there has never been a better time to get the promotional materials you need to jump start your career! 

Can i split the cost with another actor? 

Absolutely. Scene partners get a special price. Please contact us for more information.