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SCENE 1: APR-032DR-0304A

Raheema is meeting someone for a first date that she met on a dating app. His picture was handsome and his profile made him sound like a successful, well traveled, intellectual. When he (boorishly) sits down at next to her apologizing for being late, she tells him that she is sorry, but she is waiting for a date, only to be met with a "yeah, that's me." His picture has grossly over-exaggerated his attractiveness, and with each sentence, it becomes more and more clear that he has done linguistic gymnastics to make himself sound waaaaaay better than he is (successful entrepreneur = selling essential oils, well-traveled = been to Epcot Center...twice!, etc.)

SCENE 2: APR-032DR-0305B

Raheema is a powerful, high-class business woman that gets what she wants by finesse or force. Her co-worker (and biggest compititon at her firm) is missing and she is the last person to see him alive. She is being interviewed by a detective as a person of interest. She is a man-eater and is toying with him like a cat toys with its prey. He tries to hold power over the conversation, but he never stands a chance with her.
Think: Mrs. Sloane meets Basic Instinct.

SCENE 3: APR-032DR-0306C

Raheema is speaking with her estranged brother. He recently got out of prison and showed up at her work, uninvited, and wants to know why she never came to visit him. She could not come to terms with the violent crime he had been convicted of and doesn't know if she has the ability to have a relationship with someone capable of such a thing. 
Think Indie Drama



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Steve Boghossian
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