Thank you for choosing to produce your scenes with us. We intend on providing you with the best possible product that will become an anchor in your promotional materials as you move forward in your career! 


Quick update on what's to come; 



We are currently working on your scene concept(s) and you should have them sent to you within a week. Once approved, they will go to the screenwriter to be written. Once completed, you will have the opportunity to provide us with your one round of notes. If by chance you are not happy with the direction of your script we will make the necessary changes to make them work for you. 



We move into prep once you've received your second draft and you're happy with it. We will ask that you send us your desired shoot dates and will try to do our best to accommodate them. (*Please don't send your dates now. you will be instructed to do so when you approve the scripts. ) we ask that you keep your shooting date/s fully open. You should receive an initial confirmation for your shoot within a week of your scheduled shooting date. A team member will contact you asap if there is any conflict with our schedule.  A second confirmation will be sent 24hrs prior to the shoot which will detail, Call-time, location, crew contact info and anything else you may need to know for the shoot. 



The more you're prepared the more efficient we can be and the more camera angles we can provide you with! 

Please be mindful that;

Hair & makeup, Wardrobe(Blues, Deep olive green, Grays, and burgundy are great colors!)  and props are up to you to provide. If you should have trouble finding certain props we can help - Props such as Firearms, knives, Police uniform etc' will be our responsibility to provide. 

Location & scene partners are also our responsibility. We make sure we find only the best! 



This process begins the moment the shoot is over. We "dump" the footage with our Editor and we take about a week and a half to deliver the first assembly to you. At this point, you will get time to "sit with it" and gather feedback from your agency and friends. you will provide us with your one round of notes in a specific format. EXAMPLE: "00:33 - I didn't like my smirk, can we change please?", or "01:23 - I remember saying this better, can we please find a better take for this moment"? 

Please refrain from general notes. The more specific you are, the better the final scene will be! 

You will receive the final assembly as a digital format to download in multiple resolutions. 



You are now a family member and one day you may be called upon to help on another shoot. If you do choose to help us out you will receive the footage to add to your promotional materials. a benefit of becoming part of our growing community. We care about our Product as we care about your career so if at any point you would like to reach out please don't hesitate to do so. 


Kind regards,


The Production Team.