Thank you for choosing to produce your scenes with REELARC!

We intend to provide you with the best possible product that will become an anchor in your promotional materials as you move forward in your career. Below is an outline of what is to come...


The first step in the process is concept creation. Concepts serve as the groundwork for script writing as the process moves forward. Concepts take approximately 7-10 days to create and you will have opportunities to provide feedback along the way. Once you have approved your concept(s), our screenwriter will begin drafting script(s). This process takes approximately 7-10 days. Once completed, you will have the opportunity to either approve your script and move on to scheduling or provide us with a round of notes to to guide us in drafting revisions. Additional rewrites past the first round of notes may incur a fee. Once your script(s) are approved, we will begin working on scheduling your shoot(s).



Once a script is approved, we are able to schedule a shoot date for your scene! We need approximately 2-3 weeks of lead time, during which we will work on casting your scene partner and confirming your shoot location. A member of our pre-production team will email several scheduling options for you to choose from. If none of the proposed options work with your schedule, please let us know a bit more about your scheduling limitations (work schedule, travel dates, etc) so that we can do our best to work around them as we find alternate options for you. Once your shoot is booked, you will receive a confirmation email from our team.


If you have purchased a one hour private session with one of our acting coaches, we will reach out to you with several available dates for your session after we have booked your shoot dates. Optimally, your session will be scheduled approximately one week prior to your shoot. During this session, you will be able to workshop your script(s) and hone your performance technique. Following your session your coach will draft extensive notes for you in the form of an annotated script, which will be passed along to you as well as your production team. If you have not purchased a session and are interested in doing so, please contact for more information.


Your scene will be cast through a professional casting office that seeks out excellent scene partners to work with you on set! The casting process begins shortly after your shoot date is confirmed. Our casting division posts breakdowns and collects self-tape submissions via Moodcaster to make sure we find only the best for your scene!


We have a wide variety of locations available for your shoot, all of which are included in the purchase price of your scene! We will take care of all of your location scouting, selection, and confirmation during the shoot scheduling process. If you have a particular location in mind, please let us know so that we can do our best to accommodate your request. Such requests may incur an additional fee, to be assessed on a case by case basis. Please note that we cannot accommodate special location requests for scenes purchased in discounted packages.


You will receive several reminders leading up to your shoot date - one at the time of booking, another one week prior to shoot day, and another 48 hours prior to the shoot. A email with your script and a call sheet for the shoot will also be sent 48 hours prior to your shoot. The call sheet will include your call time, location, and crew contact information. Depending on your shoot location, there may also be important details regarding access to the location in the body of the email. Keep in mind that hair, makeup, wardrobe, and props are your responsibility to provide unless previously discussed. The more prepared you are on shoot day, the more efficient we can be on set - that means more takes and angles for you!


This is the fun part! Our team will be ready and waiting for you on location on the day of your shoot. Please arrive camera-ready. When you arrive, you will spend a few minutes getting acquainted with your scene partner. We’ll have you run the scene together a few times as you get comfortable in the space. You’ll run the scene again a few times as we adjust lighting and composition before we get you mic’d up. All you have to do is deliver your amazing performance when we call ACTION!



The post-production process begins the moment the shoot is over. We upload your footage after the shoot, where it will be reviewed and assembled by our editor. The “rough cut” of your scene takes approximately 7-10 days to create. When it’s ready, we’ll email you to let you know that your footage is ready for review on your page. If you are shooting more than one scene with us, we will make all scenes available to you at the same time. This streamlines our editing process and allows you to view your scenes with a “holistic” eye for range, depth, and tone across all performances. Once you have reviewed your scene(s), you will have the opportunity to provide one round of notes for the editing team as we continue the editing process. Additional edits may incur a fee. Please try to use specific time markers in your notes to help us best incorporate your feedback. When your scene is finalized, we will send you a private Vimeo link where you will be able to download whichever file sizes suit your needs.


If you have purchased a demo reel edit, we will begin the editing process after your scenes have undergone the final editing process. You will have the option to provide us with specific minute markers, clip order, and the headshot and contact information you would like included in the static opening shot. You also have the option of leaving those choices up to our editing team. You may include up to five clips in your reel, so if you’d like to add additional footage please send those clips to Please note that reel edits included in discounted scene packages may not include additional footage. If you have not purchased a demo reel edit and are interested in doing so, please email


If you have purchased a smart drive, we will prepare your drive following finalization of your scene(s) and reel (if applicable). Your 1TB drive will include your finalized scene(s), all of your footage from all takes, audio and scoring files, an actor’s access cut, an instagram cut, and HD stills from your shoot. We will notify you via email when your drive is ready for pickup. If you elected to have your drive shipped to your doorstep, a member of our team will be in touch with you to request your desired shipping address. When your drive has been shipped, our team will notify you and provide you with your USPS tracking number. If you have not purchased a smart drive and are interested in doing so, or if you are interested in having your existing drive shipped directly to your doorstep, please email


You are now part of the REELARC family - welcome! Since you’re ready to start showing off your brand new footage to agents, managers, and casting professionals, we’d love to see you over at our sister company, Actors Launchpad! ALP is a subscription-based service that offers classes with industry professionals, networking events, audition taping, at-cost headshot printing, and more - all for just $30 per month! Check it out at

We would love to hear updates on your career as you move forward with your new footage. Additionally, we take great pride in the product that we create, and we’d love to hear any feedback you may have. It has been a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to staying in touch!

All the very best,