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Question about your package?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401

 Tom Lapke isPoint of contact for this stage of the process

Included with your package: 

One scenes that is up to 2:30 in length

Custom script

Sound design

Color correction

Score (as needed)

2 SmartDrives

Package Total: $1600


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Question about your scripts or Pre-Production?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2

Question about your shoots or Production?
Steven Schmidt
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Nicole is a social worker. Deborah is a "blue collar" worker that is a little rough around the edges and down on her luck. She had been on public assistance but lost them when it was discovered she was working under the table to make ends meet. When she went to the caseworker (Nicole) to try and get them back, she started blackmailing her. She has been paying her a percentage of her benefits to not lose them completely Deborah has come in to renegotiate Nicole is not having it. Deborah ends having been recording the whole thing on her phone and turns the tables.
Think: Dark Indie Drama



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2