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Three scenes (one each with a max length of 0:45 sec, 1:30 min, and 2:30 min respectively)

Custom scripts

Sound design

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Tom Lapke
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A: Nick, a cocky and egotistical high-powered business attorney is speaking to James, a business rival of his client.  James is suing his client because he believes his patent was violated on their new product. He is throwing his weight around and making all sorts of threats to Nick. Nick then turns the table revealing that the employee James had poached, who developed the technology in question, did so while still using his own laptop, which was issued to him by his client, thus based on his employment contract, transfers the ownership of the patent to his client's company. They have it all. Every key stroke logged. James is speechless.
THINK: Suits


B: Argument scene: Romantic interest they have cheated and now confronting.
Nick is argueing with his girlfriend. She got a new phone and when she did her info backed up onto his phone by accident, including the text messages with the guy she has been seeing behind his back. He is devestated and is confronting her. She denies it, but he has the prooof right there in his hand.
THINK: Primetime Network Drama


C: Nick is trying to speak to a woman he met at the office. He thinks he has status and that it is going to get him far with her but it gets turned on him. Thinks he is smart but the female character knocks him back. 
THINK: Sportsnight scene - Rebecca episode



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
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