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Question about your package?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401

 Tom Lapke isPoint of contact for this stage of the process

Included with your package: 

One scene that is up to 1:30 in length

Two scenes that are up to 0:45 in length

Custom scripts

Sound design

Color correction

Score (as needed)


Package Total: $2037


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Question about your scripts or Pre-Production?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2

Question about your shoots or Production?
Steven Schmidt
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2



SCENE 1: MAR-131D-0296B

Leon is meeting his best friend for drinks. He is talking about his disaster of a recent date. He was set up on a blind date, it went great, but it turns out that her father is actually his doctor, he gave him a penicillin shot for an STD three months ago. Now he is afraid to see her again and have to eventually meet her parents. Very banter-y
Think: Modern Seinfeld with Leon in the George role

SCENE 2: MAR-131D-0297C

Leon is in the middle of a very contentious divorce. He is a good man that loves his kids. He is meeting with his lawyer, he has to break it to him that there is really no way he is getting custody of his children. He is crushed.
THINK: This Is Us

SCENE 3: MAR-131D-0298C

Leon is shaving at the sink with his shirt off. His wife is in the doorway chatting with her morning coffee. She is telling him a funny story about something their goofball son did yesterday. They marvel how he could be related to them because he is such a little weirdo (this is said with love, not meanness)
THINK: Parenthood.



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2