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Question about your package?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401

Tom Lapke isPoint of contact for this stage of the process

Included with your package: 

Two scenes that are each up to 0:45 in length

Custom scripts

Sound design

Color correction

Score (as needed)

Package Total: $998


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Question about your scripts or Pre-Production?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2

Question about your shoots or Production?
Steven Schmidt
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2



SCENE 1: MAR-020-0294C

Kiara is college student waiting for a friend at a bar. The cute guy next to her approaches her. Before he can get past "Excuse me...."  she immediately launches a diatribe about being out to meet her friend and not interested in being picked up on. He stops her to let her know he was just letting her know her scarf fell on the floor. She is embarrassed. Then he cops to the fact that he would also like to buy her a drink. She is charmed.
Think Crazy, Stupid Love

SCENE 2: MAR-020-0295C

Kiara is a rebellious high school student that is meeting with her guidance counselor. She is trying to find out why Kiara is not applying herself. Kiara is lost because she is a military brat, and no place ever feels like home. She has switched school so many times that she does not even feel like it is worth trying anymore.
Think indie drama with comedic quirks.



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2