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Tom Lapke
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Tom Lapke
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Steven Schmidt
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SCENE 1: APR-021D-0313B

Kathleen is a DC lobbyist for a powerful firm. Her firm was responsible for some less than favorable personal information about the Senator, in which he hired a prostitute, reaching Washington Post. He is meeting with them to demand answers on why they attacked him. Kathleen is there to handle him. She lets him know that his lack of support for the agenda has consequences and that they already have a deal in place with the woman in question to recant and deny everything (paid for by the firm of course) in exchange for his next vote swinging their way.  He has no choice. 
THINK: House of Cards

SCENE 2: APR-021D-0314C

Kathleen is an abused wife pushed to the edge. Her husband has bounced her off the apartment walls for the last time. He tried to go after her, but she has pulled a gun on him and is now threatening to end him if he does not leave right now.
THINK: Indie drama



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
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