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SCENE 1:  MAR-031D-0263A

Jasmine is having an affair and her husband has discovered it.  He has been distant and closed off for far too long, and she just wanted to be wanted by someone, anyone. Jasmine comes home from "working late" to find her husband, ready to confront her. He is more hurt than mad. He demands an answer as to why. She doesn't want to wound him more by telling the truth, that he has been more of a roommate than a husband, that she loves him, but she needed more than love, she needed passion But she ultimately decides that she has to tell him. He is unable to argue with her, as he knows it is true.


SCENE 2: MAR-031D-0264A

Jasmine is a therapist speaking to a troubled client. He is extremely closed off and slightly narcissistic, so she is having a hard time breaking through. That said, she is by no means a pushover and is very much in control of the situation, whether he realizes it or not. She eventually grows somewhat confrontational which draws him out. Once he admits that he is depressed, but doesn't know why she begins to recalibrate the conversation to a safer place.
Think of a take on the relationship between Dr. Melfi and Tony Soprano, though this character is not a gangster, just a hard nut to crack.


SCENE 3: MAR-031D-0265B

Jasmine is French diplomat to the US that is dealing with an international incident. The President, after having privately made promises to back France on a trade deal, publicly went the other way, leaving them twisting in the wind and looking foolish. Jasmine enters, furious, she begins to lambast her American counterpart in French because she is so angry that is all that comes out. He is smug and reminds her that he does not speak French. She then switches to English to dress him down. He is not concerned with her anger and brushes it off. She lets him know that this will not go unanswered and that a president that is so globally unpopular might want to think twice before screwing an ally.
Think Les Hommes de l'ombre (Spin)



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Steve Boghossian
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