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One scene that is up to 2:30 minutes in length

Custom script

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Smart drive

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Tom Lapke
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Haris is a young slick finance wizard that is meeting with the CEO of a rival company that is trying to steal him away. The CEO asks him why he is so good at this and he replies by telling him a story about how when he was younger he used to play cards with his grandma and his brother and they could never figure out how he always won. He explains that it's because he could count the cards and that it was easy for his brain to keep track of everything and do high-level statistical analysis on the fly to figure out the likelihood of each hand. They could not even comprehend WHAT he was talking about, let alone HOW hes was doing it. The CEO comments that he has to remind him not to invite him to poker night. Haris tells him there is a reason he is not allowed in Atlantic City anymore, but that he didn't come here to talk about flushes and Full houses, so what is the offer. Before the CEO can answer, Haris tells him to wait, and before he answers, double whatever he was going to say because that is how good he is and how rich he will make him. The CEO writes a number on a piece of paper and slides it over to him. He looks at it (we don't see it) smiles, and says, "see you Monday."

THINK Limitless meets Wall Street



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Steve Boghossian
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