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SCENE 1: MAR-112DC-0292A

Dialogue should be fast and quippy Sorkin-esque back and forth.
Haris is a newspaper editor meeting privately with a writer on his staff, with
whom he has also had an on again/off again relationship. He pulls her into a conference room to question (read as: yell at her) because she is pushing him in a staff meeting to run a story without having all sources verified because she wants to be first to print with it. She essentially called him a pussy, without actually saying it, in front of the staff. He asks her where she gets off talking to him like that in front of the staff. She seems to think that their relationship affords her some leniency that he does not, and lets her know. 
THINK: Dom in Newsroom. Fast-paced, kind of dickish, but justified.



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