Guy Chachkes | Founder

Guy Chachkes | Founder


Guy hails from the city of Tel Aviv, Israel where he was first introduced to the art of theatre and cinema as a young teen, creating dozens of short films on a VHS camera. By the age of 17, he had earned an Israeli theatre award nominee for his outstanding performance in a play and developed an expansive media background.

In late 2014 Guy, Steven C. Schmidt & Alaric McCoy founded REELARC, a production company geared towards producing cinematic quality scenes for actors in the Tristate area. Since its inception, REELARC has produced over 500 original scenes and has become the leading gold standard in scene creation for the acting community.  

In 2016, the REELARC team partnered with Tom Lapke, formerly the head of Backstage University, to create an educational and benefits program called Actors Launchpad. Now considered a leading professional enrichment program for actors in NYC, Actors Launchpad provides physical classes and VOD classes for actors across the US and internationally.

Guy is a Founding Member and current CEO of Sixth Legions Media, overseeing both REELARC and ALP.