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Question about your package?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401

 Tom Lapke isPoint of contact for this stage of the process

Included with your package: 

Two scenes that are each up to 0:45 in length

Custom scripts

Sound design

Color correction

Score (as needed)



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Question about your scripts or Pre-Production?
Tom Lapke
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2

Question about your shoots or Production?
Steven Schmidt
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2



SCENE 1: APR-020-0346C

Elana is taking to her boyfriend. They were invited to her boss's apartment for dinner. It is incredibly swanky. They are two "blue collar" types in a very "white collar" home. Her boss is in the other room on a phone call and they are in the kitchen, marveling at the space ("can you believe this fucking place..."). Her boyfriend makes a joke about getting frisky on her bosses kitchen counter. She playfully hits him. Thinks about it for a moment, but then thinks better of the situation. Playful and fun.
Think: Fiona in Shameless.

SCENE 2: APR-020-0347C

Elana is a high school student that was taken advantage of by a teacher. He did not force her physically, but mentally, exploiting the fact that she needs good grades to keep her extremely strict parents off her back. She is speaking to a detective that is trying to gather evidence. She is emotionally wounded.
Think: Law and Order: SVU



Question about Post Production?
Steve Boghossian
(917) 722-2401 ext. 2