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Three scenes that are each up to 0:45 in length.

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Abigail is fighting with her mother. They have not been getting along and Abigail feels like her mom does not pay attention to her since her parents got divorced and she has been acting out and being rude to her moms new (another) boyfriend. We drop into the argument at the climax, where Abigail is has had enough, "hates her mom" and wants to go live with her dad.
THINK: Parenthood meets 13


Abigail is outside the hospital room of her little brother. The doctors had cleared the room because he started to crash. He did not make it and now her father is having to break the news to her. She is heartbroken but numb. 
THINK: This Is Us


Abigail has begrudgingly attended "Take Your Daughter To Work Day with her mom, if for nothing else because it got her out of school. She is in the conference room killing time and texting friends. Her mom's overly-peppy co-worker comes in to chat and see how she is doing. She is not ready for Abigail's teenage angst and nihilistic ennui. She gets both barrels of it. 
THINK: The secretary from Ferris Bueller talking to Aubrey Plaza.



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